Sterling EQ comes together on Friday 7 August in the name of music and solidarity, in their first ever live streamed performance, presented by Mother City Milestones.

With the aim of creating beauty and hope in the midst of lockdown, the SAMA Award-winning trio is excited to connect with their fans worldwide in a program that is both exhilarating and intimate. Guests can expect their signature sound which combines instrumental virtuosity, fresh beats and haunting melodies, filmed up close and personal, and streamed LIVE from Milestone Studios in Cape Town, where the trio has recorded many of their singles and albums over the years, as have many other iconic South African musicians. The stream will be facilitated by a 6-man crew from local webcasting production company Panastream.

20% of funds raised will be donated towards Waiting in the Wings, an organisation that assists members of the entertainment industry who are unable to afford and basic needs, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“We are really excited, and also a bit nervous”, says band leader Carina Bruwer, who is also co-founder of the new Mother City Milestones initiative. “A live digital performance offers a completely new set of challenges and opportunities, and with live events being something of the past for the time being, it is a genre that performers simply have to embrace.  As an artist, you need to find a new way of connecting to the audience, without being able to feel and play with the “energy of the room” as such.  Fortunately technology offers novel means of interacting with the audience in ways we were unable to do before, so this is exciting!”

Sterling EQ is known for changing the face of instrumental music in South Africa and beyond with their innovative performance and their extraordinary fusion of melody, rhythm and virtuosity. The trio boasts five successful album releases, more than a thousand five hundred live performances across fifteen countries, and three major local music awards.

“Lockdown might keep us out of the theatre, but it can’t take the music out of us”, says Bruwer. “The pandemic and its effect on the Arts and so many other areas of life has been unthinkable, but musicians need to keep performing – not only in an attempt to sustain themselves, but also to feel a sense of purpose. It is also important for us to be a voice for other artists, and we are honoured to support Waiting in the Wings in their efforts to offer food vouchers and other financial assistance to artists who are not coping at the moment.” 

The show will start at 19:00 and will be streamed LIVE on Quicket.  Tickets cost R75, and guests who have the means will be able to donate any additional amount of their choice, to support the artists, crew and the charity.


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